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Welcome to Shooter’s Brew Pub


Located in Munising, a city found on the southern shore of Lake Superior, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 49862, USA, Shooters Firehouse Brewpub stands across the Munising Fire Department. From the name, itself, Shooters Firehouse Brewpub was built to pay tribute to the heroic firefighters in the area. Specifically, it is based at 408 Mill St., Munising, MI. It can accommodate a good number of vehicles, so parking will never be a problem with your visit. They are open for dine-in and take away from Monday to Thursday from 12 nn. to 10 pm; Friday, from 12 nn to 2:30 am; and, Saturday, from 1 pm to 2:30 am. They are not open for business on Sundays. Their business hours may change due to the Corona Virus situation that is affecting everyone’s way of living at the moment.


The owners, being a family of firefighters, designed the area with a firehouse-themed atmosphere for locals and tourists to enjoy and unwind together. The displayed memorabilia—framed decorations, firetruck toys, miniature firefighters, real-life firefighting gears and equipment such as firehose, boots, gloves, fireman’s outfit, etc.—will give you a firehouse experience. Their signature wall or “Firefighter’s Wall of Fame”, as they call it, evokes more feeling of homage to firefighters. During fair weather, you can enjoy outdoor dining with their tents up in the fenced outdoor area and the patio. The smoking area is also situated outside the brewpub. The area is neat and clean and provides a wholesome atmosphere for family bonding and get-together with friends. They feature live band music on Friday and Saturday evenings where patrons can enjoy and sing along with live music, a go-to place for music lovers. In addition, during evenings with no bands, they have a jukebox for those who would like to warm-up their vocal cords.

Aside from the firehouse-themed ambiance and music surrounded environment, high-definition televisions abound the place. Just like any other joint, they also have free wi-fi connection. Of course! Who doesn’t have free wi-fi connection, anyway? The place is also wheelchair accessible.

For those who are looking for a place to gather their friends and family, Shooters Firehouse Brewpub have a private loft or balcony area which can be reserved for private functions, parties or gatherings. If the loft is not enough for your friends, family and guests, they also have an enclosed outdoor area where you can set-up your celebration on fine weather days. The flexibility of the place gives more choices for costumers to be creative with their party ideas.

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